Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You didn't expect short sales to be easy,...But

You didn't expect short sales to be easy....But
By shortsales4u, LLC
From coast to coast, agents from California and Arizona, to Florida and New York, are being affected by the pre-foreclosure, and foreclosure markets. Yes, we do have a nice stimulus package (mortgage bail out) that should slow down the amount of foreclosures and short sales, but inevitabley, they will be around for quite a few more years. Agents know now they need real answers and solutions to get the most out of their real estate business, and more so now, than ever. If you knew that you could increase your short sale volume, and reduce your work hours on every short sale by 60% per transaction, would I have your attention? And no, there is no huge referral fee. Unlike most short sale companies, we encourage our agents to list as many short sales as possible and keep the lions share of the commission every time, making listing any short sale more desireable and more sell-able!. How hard to real estate agents nationwide really want to work, before they realize the need help! Short Sales 4U, LLC it expediting, facilitating and negotiating realtors short sales successfully and for less money! visit our website at or feel free to e-mail me directly at Your Real Short Sale Relief Program!