Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can we rely on real estate?

I know it's difficult to understand today's real estate market and how to navigate through it. With all of the reports out there, no wonder people are getting more leery about investing in today's real estate market. One publication i read out there caught my eye. It stated that people could no longer depend on real estate being an investment that they could rely on in the future for security.
A few years ago everyone thought that if they invested in a home it would certainly bring them a small fortune in the near future. Maybe that is the problem here. Investing in a home should never have been a short term investment for those seeking a secure future. Long term investing has always been the rule of thumb and for some reason we all thought that rule just didn't apply to us anymore...until the market collapsed!
If anyone is thinking about investing in today's real estate market, I can tell you that those buyers are really some of the smartest and savviest people out there investing in a secure future!
Homes haven't been this low in over 10 years and getting that kind of bang for your buck should make not only everyone who could qualify for a home get into one now, but the banking institutions should be falling all over each other almost insisting on handing out those home loans for all of these potential buyers!
The real idea here is that looking for a secure investment for the future shouldn't exclude real estate. Just the simple statement of : " investing in a home for your future is a bad idea" seems not only ambiguous, but outrageous!
DO invest in your future buying real estate! As a matter of fact, buy as much as you can right now!
The market won't always be this volatile and stagnate. We are looking at growing our economy in so many ways that the only place for us to go now is up!
Let everyone you know that real estate is a secure investment. People shouldn't be afraid in making a great buy right now. Encouragement in this market is absolutely imperative. Let's not avoid the issue of waiting a little bit longer to make some money. Yes it's hard work selling a home today, but the future payoff for your potential buyers will be priceless! It's an investment that is as good as the home they buy!
Stacie MacDonald - CEO Short Sales4u, LLC