Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rumor Say's!

I cannot tell you how many times a day or week that an agent will call me and say, I heard a rumor about what short sales are or aren't allowing. Today it was a homeowner who said "I heard that the banks aren't allowing short sales at all anymore" I said, Whoaah, I mean really? I have been doing short sales for 18 years. since before they were popular and if a homeowner owes more than what their home is worth and the NEED to sell their home because of a personal or financial hardship that they can prove, well, I am sorry folks, if they want to sell their home, no one can tell them that they cannot!! And that is called a short sale :)
Do not believe every little rumor that comes across your table. If you do, you will become more like a "worry wort", than a proactive, independent thinker who can direct and lead your clients to successful transactions.
Being able to demonstrate the ability to do research about what is not just concerning to you, but also what is concerning to your clients needs to be the benefit for everyone you know so that your sphere on influence is not only able to count on you, but they will know that you are the most capable agent for their needs.
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