Saturday, May 2, 2009

Homeowners staying after foreclosure?

I was watching KCTS9 and was absolutely disturbed to see before my eyes, "public assistance in helping homeowners stay in their home after foreclosure!" A company called "City Light" is organizing rallies, protesting publicly, and even hiring attorney's for "the victims" of the housing crisis! When did "Squatting" become acceptable?
Now you can call me a pessimist, but how is it that everyone is a "victim" of the housing crisis? Many of these so called "victims" did end up where they are because of their own greed. When they purchased their home they got into it by "stating their income". Whether or not it was true about how much money they made, really doesn't matter now, because they are losing their home. Many of these people are saying "You gave me this loan, now you deal with me living here!" But now those same people who may have falsified information to get their financing for their home in the first place, blame the system they used so well to get what they wanted at the time. Now we are facing these same people using the system again to stay after they have been foreclosed upon! Wow, what irony! Unfortunately foreclosure is a completely different process than eviction and they are quickly figuring out how to get their way. As a business owner that deals with pre-foreclosure's for a living, I find it difficult to swallow the fact that the system doesn't protect the new owners of their investment. Why be stuck with an ugly eviction process when the original homeowner agrees to participate in the short sale process and then squats at the house after it's all said and done. Yes, they now have sold their home as a short sale, and don't have a foreclosure on their credit. And now they don't want to leave after they have gotten out of financial trouble! What a deal! You know inevitabley they do get evicted, but what a waste of our judicial systems time and money! I think that if these folks want to pay rent and say that they can afford to pay rent instead of paying a mortgage, then go get into an apartment where they will accept your rent if you pay it, and get out of making toxic loans more toxic! Help us stop the bleeding, if you have the moral compass of doing what is right!
Sincerely concerned,
Stacie MacDonald at Short Sales 4 U, LLC

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