Monday, June 18, 2012

Harvard University- Posts real estate news that is WRONG!

Did you ever hear the saying "Don't believe everything you hear"
Well, I just heard on news radio that Harvard University posted a statement  stating that the housing market is recovering or looking stronger for the past 10 months.  What angers me about this study or statement is that it is built on false foundations.  the reason why I say that is that the government has a moratorium put on over 7,000,000 bank owned  homes across united states!  This was done to protect the current homeowners from losing  all of their equity and  flatening out the market. About a month ago the government released 1,000,000  bank owned homes to be listed backup on the market .  but for some strange reason I have not seen these homes listed as bank owned properties ?? Anywhere in the U.S., Not on the East Coast or West Coast??.  
        When we have a pull back on the amount of inventory that is available for people , we also have a supply and demand issue which causes a false sense of inflation. The truth of the matter is that there are millions  more homes to be sold that the government or asset managers for the bank s are not releasing.  .  why?   you ask, because it's an election year, the president must have a housing market that looks strong before his election .  quite honestly this happens every election year ,but the difference is that we are in a horrible resession  that is depending on our housing market recovery.  this time holding   1,000,000 homes back from the people is making a huge difference in our perception of  recovery .  Bank owned homes are an epidemic , and a dirty little secret that the government doesn't want you to know about .  so the next time you hear about what even harvard university   says on how are economy is looking or the strength or weakness of our economy is truly a wolf in sheep's clothing .  thank you,  Your short sale and real estate expert- Stacie MacDonald

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